Scouting camp trips and basic necessities

I love scouting in London because of all the fun activities London scouts get to partake in. I learnt how to swim during my first camping with scout’s trip and I have also learnt to do a whole lot of other skills from camping trips.
London scouts are expected to always be prepared for any situation, at any time and survival on a camping trip is of course one of the things you must prepared for as a true scout.

So what scouting survival tools will you need?

These are some of the few things you need to keep you safe and alive when camping with scouts, in such locations as Scout Park.

  1. A Knife: There no way you are going camping with scouts without a knife in your possession. There are several things you would need a knife for including cutting ropes, making bandages in case you forget to bring a first aid kit along, lighting a camp fire and building shelters. Before you embark on your camping trip, ensure that you have a knife in your possession and also, check the knife to be sure that it’s not dull or loose.

  2. Beanie/Head Warmer: It gets extremely cold at night in camps and you would need something to keep you warm. A beanie or head warmer would help you protect your head from the cold weather and keep you comfortable at night. It can also protect you from insect bites and frosts.

  3. Water bottle: Clean drinking water is not something that you would get in abundance when on a camping trip. Therefore you would need to be prepared with as much water as you would need. Make sure you get a couple of water bottles (just as much as you can carry) that will fit into your backpack and would hold some drinking water.

  4. Signaling tools: This is another thing you can hardly do without on a camping trip. You are not allowed to rely on your cell phone for signaling because that wouldn’t signify a real survival situation. You need alternate signaling tools to communicate with other members of your team if you are ever in danger. A very good signaling tool is a mirror because the flash of a mirror can be seen from long distances. Another good tool is a whistle, which can be used to draw the attention of others when you are in a dangerous situation.

  5. A compass: You would need to have a compass and also know how to use it. A compass helps you find your way in case you get lost or miss your way while on a camping trip.

  6. Items for building shelter: After the day’s activities, you would certainly need a place to lay your head and this is when these items would come in handy. You can bring along some blankets and a garbage bag which you could use to make shelter by tying it to some branches with a rope.

  7. First aid kit: This is one of the most important items you would need during the trip. Accidents and injuries could happen and with civilization so far away, you would need a way to take care of the injuries, at least temporarily before you get proper help from a medical personnel. Some first aid items to take along include bandages, gloves, gauze and cleaning wipes.

  8. Extra clothes: London scouts are clean people. Camping is not an excuse to wear a single cloth for three days and asides that, your cloth could get wet hence the need for extra clothes to change into if and when this happens.

  9. Backpack: Lastly, you would need a strong backpack to carry all the tools you would need to survive while on your camping trip.

What else will you need as a Scout?

The most important to bring along on a camping with scouts trip is your true camping spirit and absolute preparedness to survive against all odds. This would help to make the camping trip a fun experience instead of a discomforting one.

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