Scouts Code and Honour: Acting with Thought and Care

There are three different promises in the scout’s promise;

The first one says to “Do your Duty to God and Your Country”.
What this simply means is that as London scouts, you would listen carefully to the teachings of your religious leaders and not just that, you would also abide by them. Religious teachers always preach about love, kindness and compassion and it is believed that when you abide by these teachings, you would be a better citizen.
There is also another promise to do your duty to your country. This means that you would serve your country faithfully and protect it too. You would obey the laws and pay your taxes as and when due. Good London Scouts don’t break laws or try to evade taxes.
The second line in the scouts promise says you would “do your duty to other people”. This is basically about acting with thought and care and treating other people with respect and regard. Scouting in London involves helping others around you, especially the less privileged.
Good scouts don’t pick fights and are not abusive. They don’t go around constituting public nuisance instead, they focus on how to help the needy, feed the hungry, help the sick and perform other duties that would help to put a smile on the faces of people around them.
Lastly, there’s the line that promises to do your duty to yourself. Scouting in London is not just about taking care of other people but also about taking care of yourself as well.

There are a number of ways by which you can take care of yourself including:

  • Ensuring that you always consume the right foods in healthy quantities and proportions. This would help you to stay healthy and strong.
  • Keep fit and stay physically strong by exercising regularly and engaging in other physical activities that would help to build your strength.
  • Take care of your health. Drink clean water and cultivate healthy habits and as soon as you notice anything wrong, don’t hesitate to visit a medical practitioner for help.
  • Be honest and upright. Good scouts understand the importance of being honest and upright in all their dealings.
  • Be kind to others. Always lend a helping hand to anyone in need without expecting anything in return.
  • Be friendly. A simple smile can help to brighten the day of someone who might be having a very bad day or feeling down.
  • Be thrifty. Good London Scouts are not reckless spenders and understand the importance of saving.
  • Be a Brave Scout. One of the important attributes a scout must have is bravery. You must be brave and never entertain fear regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

A good turn everyday can go a very long way; don’t forget to always act with thought and care.

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