Helping Your Community

As London scouts, one of the oaths you take is to always help other people at all time. Therefore, helping other people at all times is not just a voluntary activity but a mandatory one for London Scouts.
One of the ways through which you can keep your promise to help other people is through performing volunteer work and community service. Some activities you can do include:

Protecting the Habitat

Our natural habitat; the earth, is constantly abused by our activities. People throw waste around, litter the environment and cut down trees without stopping to think about the environmental consequences. However, London Scouts can play their roles, however little, in helping to protect the environment by:

  • Picking up trash littering the neighborhood: You can go around the neighborhood, parks and around public places to pick up pieces of paper, juice cans, wine corks and bottles, plastic bags and any other trash littering the streets. It doesn’t matter who littered the place, its scout’s honour to clean it up regardless.
  • Help with Recycling: Recycling also helps to protect and clean up the environment because when people don’t recycle, it ends up in landfills or in the oceans, leading to further environmental pollution.
  • Plant Trees and Flowers: Trees can help to prevent global warming and flowers are very great for beautification of the environment.
  • Clean up the stream: Another good place where London Scouts can perform volunteer work is at the streams where debris and dirt are regularly washed up or even carelessly dumped by other people.
  • Make Feeders for Birds: You can also fulfill the scout’s honour by making feeders for bird during cold months when it’s hard for them to find food for themselves naturally.

Caring For the Community and the Less Privileged

Good London Scouts should also care for their communities and the less privileged citizens or people who cannot help themselves like the aged, the sick and the physically challenged. You can do this by:

  • Snow Shoveling: During winter, senior citizens might be unable to do their own snow shoveling. You can help them carry out this activity as a good scout.
  • Help with Supplying Food to Food Banks: This is another great way to help the less privileged. You can collect food supplies from people who have more than enough and then supply to food banks for distribution to homeless people.
  • Hand out Flyers and Brochures: You could also help to hand out flyers or distribute brochures with important and helpful information to people on the streets.

Helping Non-Profit and Charitable Organizations

There are some organizations that are also focused on helping the community just like scouts do. You can also fulfill your scout’s honour by doing volunteer work for such organizations such as:

  • Help to Plan and Execute a Programme or Event: You can help with running errands or offering other services that would help ensure the success of charitable and community-based events.
  • Participate in Special Events: You can also participate in events like tree planting, clean up, fitness and health events organized by charitable organizations from time to time.

Being a Scout is not all about camping and social activities, it’s also about staying true to the scouts promise to be helpful to people around you at all times.

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