Time to say Goodbye

Well, the day has nearly come in which we say goodbye to the amazing Scout Leader, David. An amazing man who has demonstrated a true scout’s nature, and has devoted his time and efforts to making this troop one of the best boy scout troops in the nation. He has shown us nothing but dedication, which is the real message behind anything we teach you in scouts. Knowing how to light a fire, or survive alone in the woods is useful, but showing kind-heartedness and selflessness on a regular basis is a timeless trait that will get you far. Something that David was able to show us, and something that we’ll never be able to repay him with fully.

David’s Leaving Party Plans

So as you’ve probably heard by now, Scout Leader David has gotten himself an engagement ring from OrlaJames.com and has proposed to his long-term girlfriend. He’s going head first into the real world, and hand-in-hand they’re going to start their lives together. Who knows! There may even be another little scout on the way…

The Mini Jamboree

So, we are going to throw him a celebration week starting on Monday the 27th of April, commemorating not only his time and dedication, but the patience and support of his fiancé, Ella. Starting with our own mini Jamboree in London, in which we’ll be inviting scout troops from Brighton, Worthing and Surrey to come and join us, as well as other scouting organisations from France and even Spain!

Events such as Discussion of Peace, Team Building Exercises, and of course Water Games will be included throughout the week. Parents have been notified with an email covering all of the activities as well as itineraries, small costs, and the utensils you’re going to need if you wish to join us for this amazing week.

David’s Last Camp-Out

Once this week is over, we’ll be having a small party for just the London troop. Here we will camp out in Scout Park, North District, and have a fun night of ghost stories, roasting marshmallows over a fire, and of course singing our favourite scout songs on Friday the 8th of May.

Once again, your parents will receive emails with costs, times, and the necessities that you will need to provide for this night. Spaces are limited, so please contact me quickly if you wish to reserve your space for either one of these events.

Parents are also urged to help contribute towards the gorgeous commemorative plaque (12” X 8”) that we are having made for David which will be given to him on that evening, to celebrate his time and efforts with our troop. Any donation is helpful and considerate, no matter how big or small.

The Leaving Ceremony

The following morning after breakfast, we will host a leaving ceremony, which for those who were unable to attend the camp night can come and join us in, including parents. We’ll have scout leaders and previous scouts from across the nation coming to join us and discuss the best memories and stories they’ve shared with David, as well as a leaving speech from David himself.

Once the ceremony is over, we will sing one final scout song chosen by David, and recite the scout’s honour with David for the last time. He and Ella will then walk down the centre aisle and we will shower them with confetti as they leave Scout Park for the final time.

To reserve a place on any one of these celebratory events, please have your parents get in touch with me, or chat with me after our next scout meet. Permission slips and deposits will be taken starting this week, and you will have until Monday the 20th of April to reserve your space. Places are limited, so act quickly!

Thanks again for reading, scouts!

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