Regional Adult Appreciation Event 2010

Friday 23rd April

Greater London Middlesex West

Roy Skelly, Christopher Bryenton, David Williams, Sue Jull, Jan Vanderplank, Liz Mitchell.


Greater London North

Julian Fulbrook, Brian Smith, Val Gleave, Clive Hailey, Gill Dane, Chris Foster.


Greater London North East

Alan Dennison, William Hughes, Pauline Wakeling, Terry Longhurst, Alan Hands, Jill Daltrey.

Greater London South

 John Mears, Lawrie Smith, Alf Philpot, Chris Ellinson, Matt Hone, Dave Hanwell.

Greater London South West

 Nan Brodie, Chris Williams, Simon Keen, Richard Moody, John Line, Susan Rusell.

Greater London South East

Gwyn Muckelt, Juliette Yeoman, Patricia Webb, Mark Knill, Kate Chatsworth, Austin Barradell.

Greater London Region

Alan King.

The above two young Ambassadors, Jessica and Rosa
read out the citations.

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